Replacement of Windows 2003 Servers

Within IT Services, particularly within our Management Services area, the primary focus over the last few months has been the migration of many services f to new environments as Windows 2003 was de-supported by Microsoft.

This project involved not only migrating and upgrading many applications, it also involved an Oracle Database upgrade and the re-write and streamlining of many complex interfaces between services. Below is some detail on the work that has been done to date:

1. Applications that service the following areas have been migrated and upgraded
Student Health Centre (Helix Health)
Counselling (Titanium)
School of Nursing (Arc system)

2. TCD Local Portal applications
The migration of functionality from the Oracle based Windows 2003 environment to a new Oracle based Windows 2012 environment was completed on Tuesday (28th July). This work is the culmination of the implementation of Oracle 12C and a new Oracle based TCD Local portal environment – Oracle Web Logic. Following the environment upgrade to ensure services could continue to operate the applications listed below were also upgraded:

Research Support System (RSS)
Telephone Billing
Telephone Directory
Asset Register
Travel Insurance form
FTSE system
Student Archive

The go-live of all of the above applications was coordinated carefully as the project could not accommodate their migration in a piecemeal manner. The legacy servers will be retired over the next few weeks.

3. Systems Interfaces
Alongside the above upgrades and migrations, a number of key systems interfaces were re-designed and consolidated in order to obtain efficiencies in their deployment and ongoing maintenance. The staging of the interfaces was designed such that the data therein can be used by as many downstream systems as possible.

4. Systems Retirements
A number of servers and systems were retired completely. These included legacy servers related to Coda which has been replaced by Oracle Financials. There was some further facilitation work conducted with the Financial Services Division in respect of migration to a new file server.

5. Ongoing work
In order to bring this project to a final conclusion, the following systems continue to be worked on:

• Library Manuscript system (CALM)
• School of Nursing Attendance Service
• Interfaces to SITS
• Extra Mural course server
• Staff and student ID card interfaces
This was complex project and required extensive coordination both within IT Services ad also in many cases, extensive liaison with systems owners across Trinity. We thank everyone who enabled this project to succeed.

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