Mobility Project update

The increase in the use of mobile devices in recent years, coupled with new data-intensive styles of teaching and learning, are all driving the demand for better campus Wi-Fi.

Since March of this year IT Services, as part of the Mobility Project, has been upgrading the existing Trinity Wi-Fi service with an enhanced and expanded service, designed to meet the needs of students, staff, guests and public visitors into the future.

We are glad to report that the Mobility Project will be completed on time on 30th November 2015.  On completion the upgraded Wi-Fi service will run on the latest technology available and will be one of the largest Wi-Fi networks in the country in terms of size, complexity, density and speed.

For staff and students this will result in expanded and better-quality Wi-Fi service, meeting the increasing need for access to information and knowledge at all times.

In the early stage of the project a full redesign of Wi-Fi coverage across all College working spaces was completed.  To deliver on this design over 2,000 high-speed and high-capacity Wi-Fi access points are being installed across Trinity, and this work is now over 75% complete.

Some of the work required to deliver the items above has required physical access to all locations at the different stages of the project.  IT Services greatly appreciates the cooperation of staff and students regarding the need for multiple on-site visits and any inconvenience caused.  To complete the work further site visits will be required.

The large scale improvements being delivered as part of the Mobility Project will require tuning and refining of the Wi-Fi network in some locations following upgrade works.  Details of locations which we already know require this tuning and refining are listed on our service alerts.

We will continue to keep you updated with further developments arising from this major project.

IT Services

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