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Change to spam email filtering service for staff

On Monday, 26th May, we introduced a change in the way spam is filtered in the staff email service.  Exchange Online Protection (EOP) scans for spam emails and any messages infected with viruses that are addressed to staff ‘’ email accounts.  When the EOP service detects and identifies anything suspicious, it will place it in quarantine and will send a notification email to you to inform you of this action.  You will receive notifications daily, should there have been anything new placed in quarantine.

Within the notification email you will be able to manage any emails that have been quarantined.  This includes reviewing all quarantined emails and marking any message that has been incorrectly identified as spam.  As well, you will be able to report unwanted spam or phishing emails that arrive in your inbox.  Reporting such email is a benefit to all staff as it reduces the amount of spam or phishing emails that get through the filtering service.

The new EOP service replaces the previous service, Forefront Online Protection for Exchange (FOPE), and so the previous facility to login to your quarantine online will be discontinued in due course. This service provides a means of combatting the significant increase in the number of phishing attacks on College which we have seen recently. We are doing our part to help keep your inbox safe.

For full details on what to expect, how to manage your spam and how to report spam or phishing emails please see our Spam email filtering web page.

Introducing the new Service Status page for IS Services


We are writing to introduce the new Service Status page for IS Services.  On this page, you will find the latest news on the status of key IT services and systems within College.

Check this page for the status of the following IT services: student & staff email, TCDconnect, the wired network, Staff Wi-Fi, internet access to external sites, the College webserver, TCD web-based systems, and student printing.

You can find the Service Status page here:

Additional information and up-coming service alerts can be found in the ‘Alerts’ section of the IS Services website or through the IS Services Twitter page.


Scheduling a meeting – staff email & calendar service

Did you know that staff using the College’s MS Exchange email service may use the scheduling assistant to schedule a meeting of several College staff? Amongst other benefts, this facility allows you to:

  • Check other staff members’ availability and meeting room availability
  • Select from a list of suggested meeting times based on attendees’ availability, or suggest a specified period
  • Circulate a meeting request to all proposed attendees via email, to which they can respond to indicate acceptance, inability to attend or tentative acceptance
  • Automatically update of all of the attendees’ calendars with the meeting details and any changes to the arrangements
  • Dynamically carry out these tasks via certain mobile devices and smartphones whilst on the move (e.g. iPhone)
  • Delegate these tasks to another staff member of your choice

Further information and technical steps on how to carry out the actions above can be found on our website at

IS Services