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A new ‘Print Anywhere’ service from Datapac

We are pleased to announce a new ‘Print Anywhere’ service from Datapac which will be of interest to students and anyone with a guest print account on the Datapac system.

This service allows all students and anyone with a guest print account to print to any Datapac printer from their own device, whether it be desktop, laptop, smart phone or tablet. This makes it possible to setup a print job from anywhere, whether in College or not, and then print it out from any Datapac printer in the Library and College computer rooms.

Print drivers are available to download and install for those using their own Windows PCs or Apple Mac computers. Alternatively, from any device, it is possible to login to the Print Anywhere website and upload a file for printing or to email an attachment for printing. All of these options are available to students and those with guest print accounts after logging in to the main TCD Print Anywhere service page and are outlined in more detail on the Datapac website.

If you have further questions regarding this service or require technical assistance please contact the onsite Datapac support.

Software in 
College Computer Rooms

IS Services are in process of releasing a new software management facility, called Application  Jukebox, in College computer and teaching rooms across campus.

This new facility will greatly improve the current service for requesting and distributing software on Windows PCs.  Software can be added and removed as required and will provide a means for more efficient software and license management.

At present, all College computer and teaching rooms have access to standard computer applications and software (Microsoft Office, Adobe Reader).  Independent to the standard software available in computer rooms, this new facility can assign ‘speciality’ applications to specific computers, rooms and/or students.  This will offer great flexibility to academic staff when booking and time-tabling computer teaching rooms.

As well, it can host multiple versions of the same application in the event that a later or former version is needed.

Opening hours for the GMB computer room have changed

Hours for the GMB computer room have changed.  Please be advised of the new schedule listed below:

February 2015
Monday-Thursday: 5.30-9pm
Sunday: 1.30pm-8.30pm
(exception: Wednesday, 25/02/2015: 9am-12pm & 5.30-9.30pm)

March 2015
Monday, Tuesday, Thursday: 5.30-9pm
Wednesdays: 9am-12pm & 5.30-9.30pm
Sunday: 1.30pm-8.30pm
(exception: CLOSED from Thursday, 12/03/2015 until Wednesday, 18/03/2015)

April 2015
Monday-Thursday: 5.30-9pm
Sunday: 1.30pm-8.30pm
(exception: CLOSED from Sunday, 05/04/2015 until Monday, 06/04/2015)


A Group Study Room for Students in 200 Pearse Street

A fully accessible Group Study Room in 200 Pearse Street is now open and available for booking online by students.

Equipped with Wi-Fi access and a large monitor for presentations and project work, this room is ideal for holding group discussions and preparing for presentations.  In addition, the room can hold up to 12 people comfortably. The room is open late until 9:00pm most nights of the week and can be booked in two-hour time slots.

Students can book the room through an online booking system using their student numberand can access the room with their College ID card.  For terms and conditions, please visit our Group Study Room service page.

Announcing a new Group Study Room for students

IS Services are pleased to announce the opening of a new group study room facility for students.  For more information about the room and how to book, please visit

Friday, 27th June is the deadline for requesting computer software

It’s that time of year again to request the software that you will need installed in College computer rooms, Lecture Theatres and Seminars Rooms for the coming Academic year. 


Requests for software can be made by using the Request Form.  Before submitting your request, IS Services asks that you read our guidance notes for requesting software.   Once submitted, your request will be acknowledged by an email to your College account. 


A few items for your consideration:

·         It is not necessary to request standard software (i.e. Microsoft Office)

·         All previously requested software should be reviewed as it may not still be installed on computers


The deadline for submitting your software request is Friday, 27th June, 2014.  If your request is not received by this deadline, we cannot guarantee the requested software will be made available.   


Green IT at TCD

Trinity Green Week 2014 was in February.  Let us tell you a little bit about how IS Services is committed to helping College meet its aims under the Sustainable Development Policy.

Over 20,000 students and staff depend on College IT services every day.  With PCs, laptops, and smart phones connected to servers 24 hours a day and 7 days a week, it’s safe to say that as our need for technology grows, so does our carbon footprint.  The question then arises: how do we become more energy efficient while also continuing to grow and change with technology to meet daily business needs?  Enter the Green Data Centre.

In March 2013, the College’s Green Data Centre was opened. Since then, existing servers and IT services have been in the process of being transferred to this energy-efficient host.  Over the next five years, IS Services and Future-Tech (partner suppliers) will work together on maintaining the data centre so that it continues to deliver reliable uninterrupted IT services to Trinity and to operate as one of the most energy efficient data centres in the world.   The delivery of the Green Data Centre will allow IS Services to provision Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) and cloud computing for College.  IaaS provides College with an energy-efficient foundational platform to support the delivery of local centralised sustainable IT services.

The project was short-listed as a finalist for the Leadership in the Public Sector category at the Annual DatacentreDynamics EMEA Awards event.  Although the facility lost out on the winning spot, it is a major achievement to make it to the top four of such a hotly-contested category.

Watch a short video about our Green Data Centre.

Green IT is about energy efficiency and eliminating electronic waste 

Here are a few things we’re doing to be more energy efficient:

– We carry out responsible recycling of all old computing equipment and office materials
– We have moved to the use of communal multi-functional print devices
– Server virtualisation means we have reduced the amount of physical hardware used
– Power settings in College computer rooms have been optimised
– Datapac multi-function printers have been set to print on both sides by default and have a ‘scan to email’ option

The little things make a world of difference.  Here’s what you can do to be more ‘green’:

– Turn off electronics whenever they are not in use, or put your computer in sleep mode
– Print less and recycle when you do
– Manage your email and make use of online collaboration tools
– Charge your mobile phone, electronics or tablet for only as long as necessary
– Dispose computers, monitors and other electronics responsibly

New: How you can find out where there are available computers in our rooms

Need to print a paper or do some work on a PC or Mac in the College computer rooms? You can now check the availability of computers in our rooms across campus by visiting our new Computer Room availability page at:

Training sessions on the Datapac print/scan/copy facilities

If you make use of the printing, scanning and photocopying facilities in the College computer rooms and Library then you may be interested in training sessions taking place this week.  These sessions will take place between Monday 21st October and Friday 25th October 2013 in North Training Room, Berkeley Library. Please see the training schedule for further information.

Audio Visual equipment upgrade work now underway

Our annual continuous improvement works to upgrade the Audio Visual equiment in Senior Lecture Pool Teaching Rooms is now underway and will be completed over the coming months.

Work will take place in the following rooms –

Lecture Theatres:

  • Burke Lecture Theatre, LTEE 2, LTEE 3, Museum M20, Museum M21, Arts    2043 Davis Theatre & Goldsmith Hall

Seminar Rooms:

  • School of Nursing, D’Olier St., RM 0.30, RM 0.54, RM 0.55, RM 1.29 & RM 2.51
  • Aras an Phiarsaigh RM 0.09, RM 2.04, RM 3.19, RM 4.03
  • Arts RM 3.126, RM 3.137, RM 4.018, RM 4.046, RM 4.047, RM 4.053, RM 5.033 & RM 5.052

In summary the improvements will include the following:

  • Burke Lecture Theatre – New teaching desk location, additional microphones on stage and improved integration with new lighting.
  • LTEE2/3 Lecture Theatres – Replacing Screen, Data Projector and PC.
  • Arts Davis 2043 Theatre & Goldsmith Hall – Replacing the Screen
  • Museum M20/21 – Rewiring and replacing the lecterns
  • D’Olier St, Arts and AAP Seminar Room– Replacing PC, Screens and Data Projectors

Scheduled work will take place between August and Christmas 2013 and to avoid disruption to teaching, we will try to use weekends and teaching breaks at Study Week and Christmas to complete all the installations.

As work progresses, we will post updates to the IS Services website to keep you posted on the progress.