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Software in 
College Computer Rooms

IS Services are in process of releasing a new software management facility, called Application  Jukebox, in College computer and teaching rooms across campus.

This new facility will greatly improve the current service for requesting and distributing software on Windows PCs.  Software can be added and removed as required and will provide a means for more efficient software and license management.

At present, all College computer and teaching rooms have access to standard computer applications and software (Microsoft Office, Adobe Reader).  Independent to the standard software available in computer rooms, this new facility can assign ‘speciality’ applications to specific computers, rooms and/or students.  This will offer great flexibility to academic staff when booking and time-tabling computer teaching rooms.

As well, it can host multiple versions of the same application in the event that a later or former version is needed.

Friday, 27th June is the deadline for requesting computer software

It’s that time of year again to request the software that you will need installed in College computer rooms, Lecture Theatres and Seminars Rooms for the coming Academic year. 


Requests for software can be made by using the Request Form.  Before submitting your request, IS Services asks that you read our guidance notes for requesting software.   Once submitted, your request will be acknowledged by an email to your College account. 


A few items for your consideration:

·         It is not necessary to request standard software (i.e. Microsoft Office)

·         All previously requested software should be reviewed as it may not still be installed on computers


The deadline for submitting your software request is Friday, 27th June, 2014.  If your request is not received by this deadline, we cannot guarantee the requested software will be made available.   


New: How you can find out where there are available computers in our rooms

Need to print a paper or do some work on a PC or Mac in the College computer rooms? You can now check the availability of computers in our rooms across campus by visiting our new Computer Room availability page at:

Training sessions on the Datapac print/scan/copy facilities

If you make use of the printing, scanning and photocopying facilities in the College computer rooms and Library then you may be interested in training sessions taking place this week.  These sessions will take place between Monday 21st October and Friday 25th October 2013 in North Training Room, Berkeley Library. Please see the training schedule for further information.

Computer Room (HUT2) closing Friday, 7th June, 2013

We are writing to inform staff and students that College is closing the Computer Room, known as HUT 2, located at the East end of College by the Rugby Ground and the Botany Hut on Friday, 7th June, 2013.  As previously advertised, Computer Room HUT1 was closed on 29th May.

Computer Room (HUT 1) closing Wednesday, 29th May, 2013

We are writing to inform staff and students that College is closing the Computer Room, known as HUT 1, located at the East end of College by the Rugby Ground and the Botany Hut today.  Computer room HUT2 will be closed in early June, and we will post an update once we can confirm the exact date.

Notice of Computer Room closure

We are writing to inform staff and students that College is closing the two computer labs located in the Laser Huts at the East end of College by the Rugby Ground and the Botany Hut.

You can now use your credit/debit card to top up your print account

The College Library and IS Services are pleased to announce the availability of an online credit card payment system for the Datapac service.  The Datapac printing/scanning/photocopying service is available in the Libraries and College computer rooms.   This new development allows students to credit their print account online at  After signing in with your student ID number and print account PIN, follow the credit/debit card option to credit your account.

Please visit our Managing your print account webpage for more information.

IS Services

New printing, scanning, and photocopying service now live


The College Library and IS Services are pleased to announce the availability of the new printing, scanning and photocopying service, managed by IS Services and the Library, and provided by Datapac.  This enhanced service replaces the facilities previously provided by Ricoh in the College computer rooms and Kopikat in the Libraries.

Information on how to use the new service can be found on the IS Services website at

Returning students are asked to note that the PIN used for this service has been reset to the original.  Related information can be found on the website above.

Note that at present the MFDs and kiosks are not reading student ID cards, and so you are asked to type in your student ID number when interacting with these units.

As previously notified, returning students’ print account balances have been automatically transferred.  For one month there will be a Datapac technician in Iveagh Hall, Berkeley Library for a fixed time each day to assist students and staff in transferring Kopikat photocopying card balances across to the new system.  Please note that a single balance is now used for both printing and photocopying and there have been no price increases for printing and photocopying on the new system.

Kind regards,

College Library and IS Services