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Mobility Project update

The increase in the use of mobile devices in recent years, coupled with new data-intensive styles of teaching and learning, are all driving the demand for better campus Wi-Fi.

Since March of this year IT Services, as part of the Mobility Project, has been upgrading the existing Trinity Wi-Fi service with an enhanced and expanded service, designed to meet the needs of students, staff, guests and public visitors into the future.

We are glad to report that the Mobility Project will be completed on time on 30th November 2015.  On completion the upgraded Wi-Fi service will run on the latest technology available and will be one of the largest Wi-Fi networks in the country in terms of size, complexity, density and speed.

For staff and students this will result in expanded and better-quality Wi-Fi service, meeting the increasing need for access to information and knowledge at all times.

In the early stage of the project a full redesign of Wi-Fi coverage across all College working spaces was completed.  To deliver on this design over 2,000 high-speed and high-capacity Wi-Fi access points are being installed across Trinity, and this work is now over 75% complete.

Some of the work required to deliver the items above has required physical access to all locations at the different stages of the project.  IT Services greatly appreciates the cooperation of staff and students regarding the need for multiple on-site visits and any inconvenience caused.  To complete the work further site visits will be required.

The large scale improvements being delivered as part of the Mobility Project will require tuning and refining of the Wi-Fi network in some locations following upgrade works.  Details of locations which we already know require this tuning and refining are listed on our service alerts.

We will continue to keep you updated with further developments arising from this major project.

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Update: College Mobility project (February 2015)

Following on from the completion of the design stage, a public procurement tender was released to select a vendor to supply and build the new Wi-Fi network which will comprise about 2,000 high performance Wi-Fi access points and associated infrastructure. The successful vendor has been selected and the new build stage will commence subject to governance approval and contract.

What happens next …

The vendor will require a four week lead time, after which the central resilient core of the new network will be commissioned and installed.  

We will develop a build-out schedule for high priority areas, such as student residences without Wi-Fi, and the schedule will be made available to the relevant areas for approval.  

We will make all efforts possible to avoid disruption due to these works during the revision and examinations period.

Kindle support on the TCDconnect service

We are pleased to announce that students with Kindle devices may now register for the TCDconnect service and connect to the student Wi-Fi network.  Instructions on how to connect are available by following the link below.

Connecting Kindle devices to the TCDconnect service

TCDconnect service upgrade

IS Services are happy to announce that the planned upgrade of the TCDconnect service has been completed successfully.  The upgraded service is now fully operational and we thank everyone for their cooperation and understanding during the brief interruptions to the service that were required to carry out the upgrade work this week.

The growth in students bringing their own devices into College has risen dramatically over the last number of years.  In the current Academic Year we recorded the highest usage ever with approximately 12,000 students connecting over 18,500 desktops, laptops and mobile devices to the TCDconnect service.

With this upgrade College now have a service that can continue to meet the growing demand into the future and allow the rollout of new features that were not available in the older version of the software, such as:

  • Support for a wider variety of mobile devices, such as Windows RT, adding to the existing support for iOS and Android
  • A new ‘remote registration’ feature that we hope to offer in the coming months.  This will provide students with the ability to register their device with the TCDconnect service before arriving on campus.

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Green IT at TCD

Trinity Green Week 2014 was in February.  Let us tell you a little bit about how IS Services is committed to helping College meet its aims under the Sustainable Development Policy.

Over 20,000 students and staff depend on College IT services every day.  With PCs, laptops, and smart phones connected to servers 24 hours a day and 7 days a week, it’s safe to say that as our need for technology grows, so does our carbon footprint.  The question then arises: how do we become more energy efficient while also continuing to grow and change with technology to meet daily business needs?  Enter the Green Data Centre.

In March 2013, the College’s Green Data Centre was opened. Since then, existing servers and IT services have been in the process of being transferred to this energy-efficient host.  Over the next five years, IS Services and Future-Tech (partner suppliers) will work together on maintaining the data centre so that it continues to deliver reliable uninterrupted IT services to Trinity and to operate as one of the most energy efficient data centres in the world.   The delivery of the Green Data Centre will allow IS Services to provision Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) and cloud computing for College.  IaaS provides College with an energy-efficient foundational platform to support the delivery of local centralised sustainable IT services.

The project was short-listed as a finalist for the Leadership in the Public Sector category at the Annual DatacentreDynamics EMEA Awards event.  Although the facility lost out on the winning spot, it is a major achievement to make it to the top four of such a hotly-contested category.

Watch a short video about our Green Data Centre.

Green IT is about energy efficiency and eliminating electronic waste 

Here are a few things we’re doing to be more energy efficient:

– We carry out responsible recycling of all old computing equipment and office materials
– We have moved to the use of communal multi-functional print devices
– Server virtualisation means we have reduced the amount of physical hardware used
– Power settings in College computer rooms have been optimised
– Datapac multi-function printers have been set to print on both sides by default and have a ‘scan to email’ option

The little things make a world of difference.  Here’s what you can do to be more ‘green’:

– Turn off electronics whenever they are not in use, or put your computer in sleep mode
– Print less and recycle when you do
– Manage your email and make use of online collaboration tools
– Charge your mobile phone, electronics or tablet for only as long as necessary
– Dispose computers, monitors and other electronics responsibly

Important Software Update for iPhone, iPad & iPod Touch

Apple have made available an important Software Update for anyone using an iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch.  This update fixes a potentially serious security flaw in the iOS operating system.  To download and install the Software Update go into your Settings app and then choose General and Software Update.

Wi-Fi coverage improvement in Dental Hospital Extension – Office G20 and Library

As part of on-going service improvement works, IS Services have carried out work to enhance the Wi-Fi coverage in the Dental Hospital Extension – Office G20 and Library.

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Welcome from the Director of IS Services …

A warm welcome to the new academic year from IS Services. As staff and students are settling into the new term, we would like to take a few moments to share current news about IT topics that might help make an easy transition from Summer into the new term.

The College community has seen a large volume of fraudulent emails in recent weeks and, in particular, over the Summer. In this newsletter, we will inform you about phishing, and provide a few tips and some practical
advice on how to spot a phishing message and how to avoid it.

The most basic and important note is that IS Services will never ask you for your username and password through an email message.

With these recent phishing attacks in mind, it is worth noting the development of a password recovery service for students. With this secure service, students will be able to change their password through a web browser, have details sent to their mobile phone and confirmation emails sent to an email address of their choice. Staff can manage their network login passwords through TCD Password Manager. Students and staff can visit for full options on managing passwords.

Students can get fast, secure Internet access for their computer and mobile devices with TCDconnect. Instructions on registering for TCDconnect here. In this newsletter, you will read about the latest developments to the TCDconnect service.

New students may find more information about College IT services on our new student web pages.

Also in this newsletter, we will release news of a major Mobility initiative, as well as highlight improvements to Audio Visual and Media Services equpiment across campus. As always, we encourage you to stay on top of service news and improvements by visiting our website. Thank you and best best wishes for the coming year!

Guest Wireless and eduroam information for iOS and Android users

We are happy to announce that instructions have been published to the IS Services website for Android and iOS users of the Guest Wireless (TCDguest) and eduroam Wi-Fi services.  This information will be of particular interest to those visiting TCD from other educational institutions.  For further details please follow the relevant links below:


Wi-Fi coverage improvement on third Floor of Arts Building

As part of on-going service improvement works, IS Services have carried out work to enhance the Wi-Fi coverage around the offices of the Department of Social Work & Social Policy on the third floor of the Arts Building.

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